About Us

We are your specialist dry cleaners in the Cape Peninsula

What We Do

We provide a dry cleaning laundry service for you on our premises, as follows:

Dry Clean

A dry cleaning service, specialised in cleaning of silk garments, wedding and evening dresses, suede and leather garments and all other types of clothes.

Specialised Service

We clean larger garments like curtains (phone for quote on premises, collect and rehang), rugs from up to 2m x 2m and down and synthetic duvets or comforters.

We are still growing

We are on a mission to provide everyone in the Cape Peninsula with a quality and affordable dry clean service
We believe there is always room to offer you a better and quality service and as such we are constantly trying to find better ways to do exactly that, you as our customer are the first priority and we do everything possible to make sure your garments, laundry or whatever you hand in is treated with the utmost care and returned in  a better state than it was handed in
Because of our commitment to offering you a great service, we have started a free service to provide you with information on how best to take care of your materials to make sure you save money and also that you preserve your priced garments, carpets or whatever material it is, you can always ask us and we would be glad to help

Got A Laundry Business?

We are actively looking to expand and if you would like to partner with us, please do not hesitate

We are Atlantic Cleaners

Your specialist dry cleaners in the Western Cape
Our Depots
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